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Aricks Australia is an engineering company with a strong farming background dedicated to designing, producing and supplying equipment to improve the no-till seeding performance of John Deere disc seeders.

We produce a range of devices which offer you better seed placement, higher emergence rates, lower maintenance and a trouble free sowing experience.


home aricks wheel 1

The Aricks Wheel enables true no-till seeding by sweeping a clean path in front of the disc opener thus maximising accurate seed placement and emergence rates for higher yields.

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seed boot

We have recently developed our own cast composite seed boots, which are manufactured using the strongest materials available and are genuine extended wear.

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mudsmith gauge wheel

Introducing the MudSmith Guage Wheel to eliminate that unwanted mud build up on your gauge wheels and improve your disc seeder performance.

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home disc seeder 1

Aricks Australia has developed a new Teflon sealed non-greasable bush system for John Deere 1590, 1890 & 1895 disc seeder openers providing a vast improvement over the old greasable system.

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If you are focussed on no-till seeding but frustrated with the limitations of your current seeder we may well be able to help you.

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